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Weight Concerns

Tired of riding the up’s and down’s of diet culture?

Weight Concerns

We are Grassroots Nutrition

Well-being: Heal Your Relationship With Food: A Non-Diet Approach

Tired of riding the up’s and down’s of diet culture?  Sick of scales, calorie counting and scared of not making the “right” choice? Look no further you have arrived at the right spot.  Together we will deconstruct diet culture and heal your relationship with food by getting in touch with your hunger cues (hunger & fullness), finding pleasure in eating and feeling satisfied without shame & guilt.  We can bring back balance into your life and ditch the diet culture helping you to feel your best.

Understanding you, your goals and providing tailored, practical programs to meet your unique needs- and have fun wile you’re doing it! Change is never easy and it is always more difficult on your own. You’ll receive the tools, the support and the encouragement to achieve your goals.

Individual 1:1 Sessions

  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Follow Up Sessions
  • Packages (3,6,12 months)