Benefit Coverage:

Do my benefits cover Registered Dietitian services?

You may have coverage for a Registered Dietitian.  Check with your insurance provider as most individuals will have $500.00 in their extended benefits to put towards a dietitian.

Are you going to put me on a diet and tell me what to eat? I don’t want to give up food that tastes good.

We will not put you on a diet plan.  Grassroots Nutrition believes in a non-diet approach.  We know that one size doesn’t fit all.  There are no good or bad foods, or rules.  Research shows that 95% of diets do not work long-term.  We will work together with you to help reach your goals.  Grassroots Nutrition is a client-centered approach that is inclusive, empowering individuals to build their well-being related goals.

Office Locations:

Sessions can be done in person at our offices in the TransCanada Trust Tower or from the convenience of your home via video conference or phone.

Parking & Transit:

Cancellation Policy/Appointment Change:

Missed appointments, or any appointment changed, altered, moved or cancelled for any reason with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at 75% of the full fee.

What to expect in your appointment:

For your first nutrition assessment we will sit down and get a good idea of why you are coming to your appointment, what concerns and questions you have, and how we can be of assistance.  Your dietitian will have reviewed your intake form prior to your arrival and will also go over any questions they might have during your session.  Together you and your dietitian will determine areas to focus on and 3 actionable goals.  First session is 60 minutes long.

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist:

Are dietitians and nutritionists the same?

In Alberta there is no difference between a dietician and a nutritionist.  To be called a Registered Nutritionist you must be a qualified Registered Dietitian.  In other provinces these titles differ.  A Registered Dietitian will have completed an undergraduate degree in a BSc. In Nutrition.  After completion of their degree a graduate will either complete an internship program through a hospital or complete a masters program.  Upon graduation candidates are then eligible to write the licensing exam.  RD’s are then required to complete yearly education to maintain competencies in their profession.  Registered Dietitians are regulated by their provincial regulatory body i.e.  The College of Dietitians of Alberta.

What is a nutritionist?

This title is not regulated in Canada.  Provinces that protect this title by ensuring that Nutritionists are Registered Dietitians, by law are Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia*.  Outside of these provinces it means that any individual may call themselves a nutritionist.  There is a wide range of schooling that can be completed ranging from university degrees to high school degrees.  The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition offers a yearlong program requiring a minimum of 50 hours of practical experience and must write a standardized exam.

What Do Dietitians Do:

More about dietitians and what we do.

Dietitians can sometimes choose different fields to specialize in after graduation.  In their training they are certified to work in any and all of them.  It is often just a preference of the practitioner.  Dietitians work from a place of science.  Let’s be real.  We are a bunch of science nerds that love food, nutrition, well-being and helping people.  We usually incorporate aspects like mindfulness, intuition, etc. as we all know the brain and body are linked and affect each other.  Dietitians have a strong network with other health professionals.  While we have specialized in one aspect of health and sometimes we need to refer out to psychologists, and other health professionals or a fellow dietitian who may specialize in a particular area.

Have you tried it all, jumping from one diet to the next?

Fed up with restrictive eating, yo-yo dieting? Don’t know what to eat anymore? Well-being starts with building a foundation around you! Fostering self compassion and self love to build a healthy relationship with food and well-being. Grassroots Nutrition works with you to help heal your relationship with food and make peace with food. Let’s start at the roots and work our way up.

Scared to pull away from diets? Don’t know what to do next?

We provide the tools and resources to help you tap into your intuition and enjoy the simple pleasure of food, without guilt – providing expert nutritional advice along with the tools to change your behaviours and habits. Tall trees grow with the right food, water and that most important ingredient “sunlight”. Try our Healthy Lifestyle Program and find the missing sunshine from your life. You are enough, now let’s believe it.

Are you an athlete trying to take your performance to the next level? Struggling with fast recovery, fueling for your sport or just want to set yourself apart?

Let’s work together on what works best for you, to nourish your body to achieve your maximum performance and your hightest goals. We offer personalized one on one counseling and individual nutritional support for athletes wanting to perform at their best.

Want to build your nutritional confidence and knowledge, or simply looking to find out the truth while debunking nutritional claims and myths?

Lets work together to find out what the right recipe for you is. Self care is a critical component of well-being (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health)
We will help you learn how to build meal plans that are sustainable and nutritionally balanced for a healthier you!
Our program is geared to support you from beginning to end.  Small trees blow over in the wind and often need support to help them grow. Help yourself through our guidance and guideline program.